I would like to volunteer at Stevens. What opportunities are available?

(updated Sept 23, 2020)

There are many ways to help at Stevens! Most jobs take very little time but make a big difference to the staff and students. Do you have a special skill to share with the Stevens community? Do you enjoy graphic design?  Do you like recycling?  Do you want to mentor students?  We'd love whatever help you want to give.  Write to outreach@stevenspta.org or text Heather Ralph at 206-407-7673.

Right now we are looking for help with these things:

  • Buddy Family Leads: We'd like to help people connect with other families.  We are not sure how to do this.  Do you have ideas?

  • Food Delivery: We need volunteers to bring food on people's houses on Fridays.

  • Fundraising committee: We do not know what we will do to collect money for next year's PTA budget, but if we don't raise any money, there won't be any to spend.

  • Staff Appreciation: Our staff are working very hard in a job they were not trained for.  Do you have ideas of how to let them know we are thankful?

  • Community Outreach Team: Communication is critical this year with everyone at home.  Do you know how to reach families that do not read emails?  We would love to know what you know so we can reach out better.  Do you want to help write updates and make sure they get out quickly?  We need help there also.