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The Budget

Stevens budget committee is open to everyone - the more perspectives we have, the more equitable budget we can build. Join us by emailing!

Our Timeline


Committee Meeting

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Backup Meeting

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Committee Meeting

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Board Meeting Presentation


Committee Meeting

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General Meeting Vote

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Share your opinion

Don't have the time to join the budget committee, but have something you'd like considered? Check out our form submissions:

Our Work & Our Purpose

Our Objective: Develop at least one budget option by March 7 (next PTA board meeting)

or March 21 (next general meeting). Finalize the budget for the May 16 meeting.


Our Job: Understand the scope of needs/wants/desires of our PTA membership and

community, build a budget that best represents the synthesis, and communicate the

outcome to the membership for their approval.

Our Process: Determine our priorities --> Allocate funds --> Balance the budget

1. Understand stakeholder priorities:

   1a. Conduct community survey

   1b. Engage stakeholders, report back

   1c. Encourage proposals from stakeholders

2. Allocate funds: synthesize, bucketize, discuss, prioritize the priorities 

3. Balanced budget: Start with a skeleton, apply our priorities, use what we’ve got, no



Who spends money? Who has a voice in how we spend money

1. PTA Race and Equity

2. TA programs (Community gatherings, Carnival, Pancake Breakfast, ect.)

3. PTA fundraising

4. School leadership (BLT grant)

5. Teachers (Classroom grants)

6. Tutu’s Pantry - generally cost neutral, raises and spends about the same

7. Enrichment (theater, music, art, academic)

Examples of past proposals and ideas

1. Class pictures for everyone

2. Funding online tools (i.e. Prodigy educational app)

3. Library

4. Diversity, equity and inclusion speakers & training

5. Water fountain install

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