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FAQ for After-school Enrichment

Don’t see an answer to your question? Please email so we can add it to the list!

How does enrollment work?

Enrollment follows a lottery system if there are too many registrations for the max enrollment for the class.  Enrollment is not on a first come, first serve basis in order to allow for a fair and equitable opportunity for all families to have sufficient time to discuss options with their child. 

What if I changed my mind and my child can no longer take the class?

If you withdraw from a class, you will receive a refund based on the following schedule:

  • Before the first day of class: full refund minus a $8 administrative fee.

  • After the first class but before the second class: 75% refund minus $8 administrative fee.

  • After the second class: no refund.

Can I sign up for a class once the class session has already begun?  

Yes, if the class has not reached max enrollment or if a student drops a class, there is opportunity to register once the class has started.  Reach out to

Is there financial aid available if my family needs assistance?

Yes, absolutely!  Stevens PTA is committed to making sure all students have the opportunity for enrichment classes.  Please indicate on the registration what amount your family can comfortably contribute. We reserve spots in each class for scholarship students. Only one reduced-fee class request per student per session. The PTA’s ability to grant aid is based on scholarship donations received and by the generosity of vendors and instructors who offer scholarships in their classes.

How do I contact or reach my child in an emergency?

The ASE Onsite Coordinator will remain onsite throughout the enrichment class time and can be reachable via phone number and/or email will be provided that will be monitored. Also the ASE Onsite Coordinator must have a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached in case of an emergency. 

What if I am running late to pick-up my child?

The ASE Onsite Coordinator will remain onsite throughout the enrichment class time and with your child until pickup. We are all volunteers so please be respectful of the pickup times. Please contact the ASE Coordinator via phone/email (to be provided) if you will be late for pickup.  If prompt pickup becomes an issue, your student may be removed from the class without refund for remaining classes.

What if it snows?

Afternoon classes will be canceled if SPS announces an early end to the school day for weather or another concern. There are no refunds when a single session of a class is canceled because the District has altered that day's schedule through an early end or closure.  If SPS cancels school due to weather, then all after-school enrichment will also be canceled.

Can I volunteer to help with enrichment classes?

YES!  In fact we welcome all volunteers. Some of our providers would love to have to additional support of a volunteer, particularly in our larger classes of 12+ students.  If you are able to commit to volunteering during the whole session, your student could get a discounted class and enrollment preference.

What other ways can I help support after-school enrichment?

It takes a village!  We could use your help for about 15 minutes on enrichment days to guide the students from end of school to where we can take attendance for each class and also provide a snack and dismiss them to their classes.  We could also use any snack (nut free) donations as well.  We will have about 70-80 students taking classes each week!

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