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Join the Movement:
Stevens Elementary is Becoming Red Cedar Elementary!

Sign the petition by April 5th


There's an important initiative underway to rename our beloved elementary school, moving away from a colonial legacy towards a symbol of peace and progress. After years of dedication, we've reached a crucial stage: gathering signatures from our community to support this meaningful change.

Let's make history together. Sign our petition by March 22nd! Together, let's shape Stevens Elementary into Red Cedar Elementary—a name that reflects our values, our heritage, and our bright future.

Why Red Cedar Elementary? This name honors our school's environmental ethos and acknowledges the land we occupy. Working closely with local Native Groups, we've learned the significance of naming sites after the land's natural elements. Research revealed a past grove of majestic red cedars, one of which stood proudly on our school grounds until it was respectfully removed during renovations. To commemorate this legacy, a red cedar trunk was transformed into a stunning totem pole by Tlingit carver Myron Barnes and apprentice Tony Rath, with contributions from our own students. This totem pole now stands tall in our school library, representing our commitment to native arts and honoring our shared history.

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