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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the Stevens PTA's main fundraising effort.  Donations to the Annual Fund help support the PTA's mission: To create bonds within our school community and to promote educational opportunities for all of our children.   

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About the fund

How do I donate? 


Mail a check or money order

Make a check out to "Stevens PTA" and mail it to us at Stevens PTA, 1242 18th Ave E, Seattle WA 98112.  Please provide the best mailing address for us to send a receipt to you. 


Online with Credit Card* or Bank Account via PayPal

You can donate using a Credit Card through PayPal (a PayPal account is not required).  *Note: if you pay by credit card, we incur a 3% processing fee.  For large donations, please consider using your bank account or mailing a check directly.  


PayPal also allows you to use your bank account to send a donation without incurring a processing fee.  Be sure to check the "no goods or services received" checkbox. 


Double or Triple your donation with corporate matching!
Many employers will match charitable donations, so please check if your employer will match.  To have your donation matched, contact your HR department for the necessary forms and mail them in with your donation.  If your company does not currently match, encourage them to do so in the future!


Can the PTA accept donations from anyone?
In order to make our fundraising efforts successful, we need help from the larger community surrounding Stevens. If you have a friend, business associate or grandparent who might be willing to support the PTA financially, please send them a link to this page. If you know of a business who might be interested in sponsorship opportunities, please let us know at Fundraising.


For any questions, please email us at

The Stevens PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.