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Racial Equity

We are parents, caregivers, teachers, staff, and community members working together to make Stevens an equitable place where all families feel welcomed and included, particularly families from traditionally and persistently marginalized groups. We aim to build relationships and invite diverse perspectives to challenge our assumptions and lift up the cultural traditions, values, and identities that exist across our beautiful community.

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What do we hope to achieve by working together? 


Help us grow together!

The Racial Equity Team was established in 2019 to build relationships throughout our community by enhancing diversity conversations and creating a more inclusive environment. This work complements the efforts of the Staff Racial Equity Team.


For school year 2022-23, we are focused on:


Facilitating community conversations to better understand what you would like to see in our community and co-create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan (based on this model)


Hosting additional parent and caregiver workshops, ideally aligned with teacher and staff professional development on ethnic studies.


Repeating our 2021-22 community survey to gauge progress and understand changes over time.


Supporting diverse participation in the PTA budgeting process, which sets priorities for the 2023-24 school year.

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How do we measure our equity journey?


There is more work ahead!

We recognize that the path to equity is steep and long. We are committed to authentic dialogue and ongoing learning. Periodically, we survey our community to understand gaps and areas for improvement. Our 2021-22 survey results indicate there is more work to do. 


Since 2019, in partnership with the PTA, we have supported:


5 community conversations about critical topics (based on seminars from Gyasi Ross, Dr. Erika Lee, Dr. Beverly Tatum, Jason Reynolds and Dr. Bettina Love)


1 parent and caregiver workshop (with local racial equity and organizational change specialist Kyana Wheeler).


3 book clubs and article reviews to raise our own awareness and launch important dialogue.


Removing PTA dues to make membership FREE for everyone.

Family Affinity Groups

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Would you like to launch or join a family affinity group? 


Let us help with the logistics! 

We support parents and caregivers

who are interested in connecting with families with shared identities and common goals. 


For example: caregivers of Black students, LGBTQIA2+ caregivers, immigrant caregivers, Spanish-speaking caregivers, caregivers of neurodiverse students, and more. 


The PTA can organize childcare, provide refreshments, or secure a location for affinity groups.

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Get Involved

Do you like working with others to build community for our school? 


Come join us! All are welcome.

There are many different ways you can help and share your voice. We encourage everyone to join the PTA (it’s free!) or simply attend our every-other-month PTA meeting. When in person, childcare is provided, and interpretation services are available.


If you are not interested in engaging with the PTA for whatever reason, you can share your awesome ideas or start a new project directly with the Racial Equity Team.

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