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Building Leadership Team

The BLT is one of the key decision making bodies for the school community. The responsibility of the committee is to design the Professional Development Days for both the building directed and the Racial Equity Team days. Direct the spring budget process. This year  we have rewrite our Continuous School Improvement Plan – see link for current plan and currently we are working on the decision making matrix and this year.

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The details:

Building Leadership Team is made up of representative members of staff and families. Each member of the committee represent constituents. Currently our constituent bodies are:

  • Primary Teachers

  • Intermediate Teachers

  • Special Education

  • Instructional Assistants

  • SAEOP (Secretaries)

  • SEA – teacher union

  • Racial Equity team

We are looking for a two members of the family community for input and regular attendance. The member does not necessarily have to be on the PTA, but would interface regularly with the PTA to get parent input. Please contact Principal Donovan ( or info@stevenspta.orgif you are interested in contributing to this important work.

As we are representative body, our process is to discuss topics, develop limited options and present back to our constituents. Once our constituents have had a chance to review options and give input, we reconvene and finalize our decisions.


We meet twice monthly on Tuesday at 2:50 for approximately 1 hour. During the spring, we meet more often as we have to develop and finalize our school staffing and budget allocations in a limited amount of time.

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