We create programs to support, enrich and expand the basic activities of the Seattle Public School District. Our children deserve the best we can provide and we work to help them realize their full potential by exposing them to a rich and varied experience. At Stevens we host a variety of community events, provide support for teachers and enrichment opportunities for students, and encourage widespread participation in the life of our school.  We also operate Tutu's Pantry during the school year for our friends in need.

Our Programs

We shine brightest when our kids are fully fueled by the most enriching experiences we can provide. The PTA works hard to provide educational nourishment and necessities in the classroom, in special school programs, and after-school—in day-to-day activities, and yearly learning experiences.

Classroom Support

Small reading and math groups give kids a better opportunity to learn at their individual level. Classroom grants provide teachers with better equipment and specialized supplies.

Smaller Class-Size Instruction

In order to provide academic support at the individual student level, the Stevens PTA helps supplement math and reading instruction through small-group instruction in reading & math utilizing one full-time and one part-time PTA-funded certificated teacher. Kids can learn in smaller groups with other kids at a similar level as their own.

Classroom Supply Grants

We support teachers choosing the best way to enrich their classroom environment with the help of annual classroom grants. These might be used for things like educational displays, equipment for experiments, or art supplies.

Integrated Arts Enrichment

Enriching our children’s arts education is a multi-layered task. We approach the arts from all angles.

After-School Enrichment

Our after-school enrichment program with Miller Community Center is top-tier! Kids can learn new skills like jewelry making or carpentry, get their bodies moving with soccer, dance or parkour, or discover new creative outlets through cooking and illustration. A variety of classes for students in grades K-5 are offered in the Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring.

Classes are held once a week on Monday thru Friday after school at Stevens Elementary. Fees range from $145 – $200. Brochures for summer/fall are sent home with students at the beginning of the year, and provided in December before winter break for the winter/spring sessions.  Registration can be completed on the Seattle Parks and Recreation website.

Vocal Music Program

Our vocal music program is a favorite of parents and children alike. At Stevens, music education starts early, and no student is too young to participate in our family choral concerts. In the Vocal Music Program we try to unlock the fun and exuberance of singing for all ages. Together we work toward building the awareness and the skill sets that will help make music forever a part of our lives.

Our Community

Part of being a strong organization means inspiring unity and building solid relationships between parents and teachers and staff. We are here to listen and help. We are responsive to the specific needs of our particular community.

Kindergarten Outreach

We organize summer play-dates to help Parents and Kids have fun getting to know each other.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Teachers & Stevens Support Staff get special attention for an entire week with a variety of PTA-organized surprises.

Spanish & Somali Language Support, PLUS: Childcare at PTA meetings

Spanish and Somali interpretation services are provided at our PTA meetings and we provide childcare for children enrolled in kindergarten or older. We hope that everyone can join us at PTA meetings.

Parent Education

Each PTA meeting includes a parent education component. This year, our theme is “How to Help Your Child Succeed At Stevens.