So much to do, and so little time in which to do it! Lunches at Stevens require expedience, and parent volunteers are appreciated.

When does my child eat lunch?
Stevens operates on a staggered lunch schedule, this means that K/1, 2/3, and 4/5 eat at different times. All grades play on the playground first and then eat their lunch before returning to class.

  • Kindergarten:  Recess 11:15-11:25 and Lunch 11:25-11:50

  • 1st and 2nd: Recess 10:45-11:00 and Lunch 11:00-11:20

  • 3rd, 4th, 5th: Recess 11:40-11:55 and Lunch 11:55-12:15

Can I come and visit and/or help in the lunchroom and on the playground?
YES! As you can imagine, lunchtime is one of the biggest transitions for Kindergartners and there is always a need for extra hands to open containers, help children get seated etc. Before heading to the lunchroom, volunteers need to sign-in at the main office and wear a volunteer badge to identify themselves.